Austin Laser Hair Removal

Austin laser hair removal is a safe and efficient way to eliminate unwanted body and facial hair.

Unlike shaving, which can also cause uncomfortable razor burn, you won’t experience an unsightly shadow effect after laser hair removal. Plus, results last for weeks or even months, while shaved hair tends to regrow within a matter of days.

Although laser hair removal doesn’t necessarily permanently remove all hair, patients do find that hair is significantly reduced after a series of laser hair removal treatments. From there on out, only occasional top-up laser treatments are needed to maintain the results.

How does Austin laser hair removal work?

In Austin, laser hair removal uses infrared light which, when applied to the skin, comes into contact with the pigment in hair follicles to create heat. This heat destroys the hair follicles, provided that they are in the active stage of the hair growth cycle. Essentially, this disrupts hair growth in order to dramatically slow down the rate at which new hair will grow from the treated follicles.

Since laser hair removal is only effective on active follicles, multiple treatments are necessary to achieve the best results. Treatment sessions are usually spaced between four and ten weeks apart depending on the area treated.

Which areas of the body is laser hair removal suitable for?

Austin laser hair removal is suitable for all areas of the body, with the most popular being:

– Upper lip
– Cheeks
– Nose
– Ears
– Underarms
– Arms
– Chest and nipples
– Legs
– Back
– Bikini line

Is laser hair removal painful?

The sensation of laser hair removal is often compared to the snapping of a rubber band against the skin. This tends to be tolerable for most patients without the need for numbing agents, but these could be provided for those who find the procedure too uncomfortable.

Once each laser hair removal session has been completed, patients do not typically experience any pain. There is no downtime associated with the procedure, but your skin will be more sensitive to the sun afterwards so it is essential to use a high-quality sunscreen to prevent sunburn.

Who is laser hair removal suitable for?

Since laser hair removal relies on infrared light being applied to the pigment of hair follicles, people with lighter skin and darker hair tend to experience the best results. People with darker skin tones or very light, fine hairs may not be suitable for this treatment.

If you’re unsure whether Austin laser hair removal is right for you, you should book a consultation to discuss the treatment with an expert.

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