Lip Filler FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions on Lip Fillers

Is hyaluronic acid a natural product?

The answer to that is ABSOLUTELY, hyaluronic acid gives the skin elasticity, volume and is found naturally in the human body.
I use hyaluronic acid products Allergan and Galderma that have been developed specifically for the lips, to give a natural look and feel. The hyaluronic acid used in these fillers is synthetic, so they are a non-animal product.

Do lip fillers hurt?

Every single person has a different level of pain tolerance in different areas of the body, that being said the procedure shouldn’t hurt but you may feel a sharp pinch as the needle is inserted.
I use a local anesthetic cream applied 20 mins before the procedure to numb the area and use the finest needles for precision injecting to minimize discomfort. Allergan and Galderma dermal fillers also contain lidocaine, an anesthetic within the filler.

What do lip fillers feel like?

After the procedure your lips may feel slightly firmer to the touch than normal. They will gradually soften as the fillers settle in place and any swelling subsides. Normal activities such as eating, drinking and kissing will feel no different to before having fillers.

What can go wrong with lip fillers?

The extent of these side effects will vary from patient to patient but only a few side effects for lip filler that can include lumps and bumps, oversized or uneven lips, numbness to the lips and even skin necrosis.
The most common side effect of having the procedure is bruising, swelling and slight bleeding around the lip area. However, this doesn’t mean the procedure has ‘gone wrong’, as these are the body’s natural response to have the procedure done.

Can I have lip fillers done when pregnant?

So many people do not realize the answer is a big fat NO, I will not inject lip fillers when pregnant or breastfeeding.

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