The Sculptra Butt Lift is a revolutionary non-surgical butt lift procedure that is significantly less invasive and less expensive than surgical buttock enhancement.

The treatment simply requires a series of micro-invasive injections which work to stimulate collagen production. This increases the volume of the buttocks and makes it possible to create a fuller, rounder shape.


Both men and women are opting for a Sculptra Butt Lift as a convenient, effective method of enhancing the shape and volume of their buttocks.

Although diet and exercise can help to enhance the shape of the butt, it can be an incredibly time consuming and frustrating process to achieve the best results possible. Not only that, but our genetics may limit how much we can achieve through exercise alone. A Sculptra butt enhancement is perfect for those who want to boost the size and shape of their buttocks and enjoy new-found confidence with their new figure.

The Sculptra Butt Lift is also ideal for those who want to enhance their figure without having to go through major surgery.

Traditionally, surgical butt lifts tend to involve the harvesting of fat from other areas of the body via liposuction. This fat is then transferred to the buttocks to add volume. The surgery requires a general anesthetic and recovery can be uncomfortable and lengthy. For those who feel daunted by this type of surgery, or those with health problems who are unable to put their bodies through elective surgeries, the Sculptra Butt Lift is an ideal solution.

Many people often find themselves unable to have a surgical butt lift because they do not have adequate fat elsewhere on their body to harvest and transfer into the buttocks. In these instances, the Sculptra Butt Lift is an excellent way for them to achieve the shape and volume they desire.


Sculptra is a dermal filler which contains poly-l-lactic acid, also known as PLLA. The filler is injected into the dermis via a small needle, and this allows the PLLA to get to work on stimulating collagen production.

Collagen is a protein which occurs naturally in the body. It is responsible for giving our skin elasticity, strength, and volume. By stimulating more production of collagen, it is possible to increase the volume of soft tissues to create a plumper appearance.

Sculptra is carefully injected into several different areas of the buttocks to create the desired shape and volume. First, the natural shape and size of the buttocks are assessed in order to establish where the injections will be best placed to achieve the desired results. Then, over a series of treatment sessions, injections are administered so that the PLLA can get to work in stimulating collagen production.

The effects of a Sculptra butt lift are gradual, but most people begin to see a difference in the size and shape of their buttocks after the first or second treatment session. Once the desired look is achieved, the effects of Sculptra last for up to two years.
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Length of Procedure

Each treatment session for a Sculptra Butt Lift takes around one hour. However, multiple sessions are needed to achieve full results. Sessions are spaced anywhere between three and twelve weeks apart, so although it may be several months until the desired results are achieved, individual sessions are short and easy to fit into a busy schedule.

Surgical butt lifts can take anywhere between two to five hours, but patients usually have to arrive well in advance of surgery in order to prepare for it. They must also remain at the hospital for several hours, or even overnight, while they recover from the general anesthetic.

Recovery Time

Recovery is minimal with a Sculptra Butt Lift. It’s common to experience a little bruising and swelling around the injection sites for a few weeks after each treatment session, but this is minimal. It may be helpful to avoid strenuous activity or to make small changes to lifestyle to maximize the results of the injections, but recovery plans are discussed with each individual patient.

With a surgical butt lift, it can take several weeks to recover. Patients are usually unable to sit on their buttocks for two weeks following surgery, and strenuous activity must be avoided for four weeks.


A non-surgical butt lift is incredibly low-risk. There are few potential complications associated with the procedure, and since it does not require general anesthetic, surgical incisions, or stitches, there is very little risk of infection or scarring during recovery.

When it comes to surgical butt lift procedures, risks are much higher because the process is far more complex. There is an increased risk of infection where incisions have been made, and some degree of scarring is inevitable.


The Sculptra buttock injections cost varies depending on the amount of Sculptra needed to achieve the desired results. A dramatic change in shape or volume may require a higher number of injections than a subtler lift. During your initial consultation, you will have the opportunity to discuss your desired aesthetic and estimated costs.

Generally, a Sculptra Butt Lift is cheaper than a surgical butt lift procedure. This is because surgery is far more complex, time-consuming, and requires more aftercare due to the need for a general anesthetic.

Arrange a Consultation

If you’d like more information about a Sculptra Butt Lift, be sure to get in touch to arrange a confidential consultation where you will be able to discuss the potential results of this revolutionary procedure.

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