Are you too busy to drive across town, get stuck in traffic, sit and wait to see an aesthetic professional, have a 30 min – 1 hour consultation, leave confused because information wasn’t delivered clearly and you still don’t have a treatment plan? All to have to drive back across town frustrated?


I offer custom consultations at home, in the office, vacation, or anywhere that is convenient for you.

We will connect with SnapMD, talk about your top concerns and goals, as I evaluate your skin. (its best not to wear makeup so I can get a better view of your skin. )

We will talk about what skincare you use am/pm, in what order you use the skincare, what you like/don’t like about the current products, and how long have you been using them, (bring the products if you can or at least have a list.)

I will provide a treatment plan addressing your skin concerns and goals, inform you on lasers, radio frequency, ultrasound, prp, microneedle and photofacial procedures as well as injectables (neurotoxins and filler.) Discuss contraindications with procedures.

You will know exactly what the plan is when we are finished, be given a time line of when to do treatments as well as pre and post care.


STEP 1: Let’s discuss you. Tell me your top skin concerns.
We will begin with a Q&A discussion to discover your your specific goals & concerns. The responses you give to a series of extensive questions will provide insight into individual skin types, needs and deficiencies.

STEP 2: Now let’s talk about what we see in your skin…
The diagnosis of your skin type will be guided by what we learn from your skin concerns and what we can see through our virtual consultation using Skype™, FaceTime®.

STEP 3: Let’s talk about what you’re using…
Make sure to have your current skin care products ready for your video appointment. We will be 100% unbiased evaluating your current skin care regime. Our goal is make sure you’re doing everything possible to deliver the best results.

STEP 4: What do you really know about sunscreen?
Let’s face it, sunscreen is the #1 best anti-aging product therefore it must be worn every day. We will discuss sunscreen and answers to frequently asked questions about SPF.

STEP 5: What’s the diagnosis? Can you help me?
Of course! Your licensed Esthetician will determine your skin type and provide a customized treatment plan addressing your skin issues, concerns, and goals. We also provide product suggestions from the incredible ZO Skinhealth line to expose the healthy, glowing, beautiful skin you desire.


With an esthetician, $100 ($50.00 of the $100.00 consultation can be used  towards a procedure.)
Includes: In person consultation with a licensed Esthetician.
Time: 45 mins. Download this form, fill out and bring to your appointment
Location: Austin (Westlake), TX. North Austin, TX. or Covington, LA
Available: In English

Schedule an appointment for our Austin Med Spa (737)-529-8358


With an esthetician, $100 ($50.00 of the $100.00 consultation can be used  towards a procedure.)
Includes: Online Virtual Consultation
Time: 30 mins
Location: Your computer via SnapMD video call
Time Zone: CST (Central Standard Time)
Available: In English

Schedule an appointment at our Austin Med Spa (737)-529-8358


With an esthetician, $100 ($50.00 of the $100.00 consultation can be used  towards a procedure.)
Includes: Phone consultation with a licensed Esthetician
Time: 30 mins
Location: By phone
Time Zone: CST (Central Standard Time)
Available: In English

Schedule an appointment at our Austin Med Spa (737)-529-8358


Is it ok to wear makeup for my appointment?
It’s best to not wear makeup during your online consultation. That way we can get a clearer view of your skin.

What is your return policy?
There are no refunds for virtual consultations.

How many of my own personal skin products can I bring to our appointment to be analyzed?
For the ‘Let’s talk about what you’re using…‘ portion of your skin consultation, we would love to go over everything you are currently using at home on your skin. However, to ensure we stay on time, we ask that you bring no more than 8 products to your online virtual skin consultation (for video only) for us to review.

What can I expect at the conclusion of online Skin Consultation?
At the end of your personal consultation, we will send you detailed information about your skin type, nutritional advice and more.

What are the requirements to be able to have a video consultation?

  1. Valid, active email address that you check often.
    This will be used for your appointment confirmation and all communications.
  2. Computer, tablet or cell phone with webcam access (so we can see what you’re working with!)
  3. A dependable internet connection.
  4. For Google Hangouts™, you will need to have an account, as well as basic knowledge of how to use its video calling feature.
  5. For FaceTime®, you must have a newer generation Apple device (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac) with FaceTime® capabilities and your Apple ID email address.
  6. A well lit, quiet room during the time of your video consultation.
  7. For best results, do not wear makeup.

Will you really be able to see my skin over a webcam?
As long as you’re in a well-lit room we will be able to see some details of your skin. Enough to see any skin issues you are dealing with. Our diagnosis will mainly be driven by discovery during our conversation.

If your interested in botox and/or filler I will tell you how much is needed where you need it, and pricing for all procedures provided through the clinic I work with, as well as product suggestions from the ZO skinhealth line to reveal healthy and beautiful skin.

If you come to the Austin/Westlake , TX. North Austin, TX. or Covington, LA. Clinic location $50.00 of the $100.00 consultation can be used to go towards a procedure.

30 min. consultations
Time Zone CST (central standard time)
Consultations are available in English.

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